Free Activities to do with the family

5 Free Family Trip Out Ideas

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5 Free Family Trip Out Ideas

Everyone loves leaving the house and enjoying different trips out. One of the biggest issues which families face is the cost of activities which will keep everybody happy. Whether your kids are younger or older, keeping them busy seems to be a task which comes with a price every time. But, there are plenty of activities out there that the whole family will enjoy for free! Listed below are some of our favourite ideas:

Nature - Free Activities

Explore the nature around you

The UK is packed full of nature. Where ever you are, you will never be far away from some sort of greenery, this might be a park, a trial, or even just a mass of open space where you can explore. Whether you are planning a trip out for a couple of hours or a couple of days there are plenty of places that you can explore all around the UK. As mentioned previously, the nearest source of nature to you might be a park or a trail. These two particular locations tend to be entertaining too younger children as they can use the play area or follow certain instructions placed along the trail. Although, they can still be entertaining to the big kids or even the adults of the family too.

Make a film

If your phone has the ability to record and even edit a video, a great family activity is to produce your own film! Planning, filming and editing your video is something the whole family will enjoy doing, especially if you give it a fun theme. Whether you choose to stay inside or even film outside, it is entirely up to you.

Museum - Free Activity

Visit a museum

Due to the government changes in 2001, most museums are now free with an additional charge for certain exhibitions. But, despite that, you can enter a museum and see all of its permanent collections for no cost at all. Therefore, a day trip to a museum is something the whole family can enjoy. The same rule applies to certain art galleries, meaning that you can visit them for no price too.

Explore the UK’s castles

The UK has a bunch of castles which families of all ages love to explore. Although many of the castles in the UK have demolished or are now classed as ‘ruins’ they are still entertaining to visit. Whether you are exploring for the historical aspect or just for fun, they are a great way to keep the whole family entertained.

Bike riding

Things to do in…

If travelling out of your local area it’s not something you want to do, there are many ways of finding out what free activities are occurring in your area! One of the best methods is to visit your local council website or type on Google ‘things to do in…’ and include your area. There should be plenty of results appearing to give you an idea of everything going on near you.

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